Is Email Marketing Still A Successful Approach?


Many industry experts claim that email marketing was intentionally killed out because of the rise of social media and businesses’ ensuing investments in it.

However, those who agree that email marketing is no longer successful overlook the fact that one of the reasons this tactic fails is that the email’s content does not appeal to the recipients.


According to Ascend, 51% of marketers claim that the success of this tool is frequently constrained by the lack of pertinent information on their contacts, despite the fact that it can occasionally be challenging to obtain information about the segments.

Continuous email distribution is another corporate failure; 78% of receivers claim to have discontinued email subscriptions as a result of receiving too many emails (Hubspot 2016). By doing this, it will be easier to send out fewer emails and stop constantly promoting businesses to individuals.

Efficiency cannot exist without a predetermined plan. The material must be pertinent in addition to including certain call-to-actions to entice visitors to click on the desired link.

Email marketing comes with a lot of benefits. When effectively applied, it can increase revenue, bring in new clients, and aid in client retention. While social networks must first captivate users before they can convert them into paying consumers.

You have a variety of communication options through email marketing, they are the following:

• Commercial: When promoting promotions or a new product, these techniques—which are thought to be the most traditional—are meant to stimulate impulsive behaviour.

• Loyalty: This kind of campaign tries to promote customers’ relationships with the brand or business in order to keep them and increase sales.

• Informative: These campaigns are primarily designed to inform customers, such as about upcoming events or to solicit opinion on a certain service or product.

• Location: This tactic is used to let visitors know where the actual store is so they may visit there and buy anything.

A tried-and-true solution is email marketing. It has shown to be reliable and efficient. hence maintaining the relevance of email marketing. Whatever your objectives, communicating with many individuals at once is now possible with only a few mouse clicks.

Not every email you send needs to be an attempt to sell anything. It can and ought to be used to communicate client feedback, such success stories. To further assist individuals who do not comprehend, have a better understanding of a product or service, another use would be to produce an instructive email.

However, marketing campaigns will undoubtedly continue. Promotion of your goods and/or services is a constant. Sending your campaign’s message via email is a no-brainer, then. Additionally, it helps you to keep expanding your email list.

Email marketing still has a lot to offer in that sense. The constant interaction between buyer and seller can leave a long-lasting imprint on your brand in addition to retaining viewers and developing rapport. And without a brand, a company might not even exist.

Consider some of the well-known companies you are familiar with; it appears like they can do no wrong. This is a direct effect of creating a brand that is so strong that its reputation is well-known.

So, why try to reinvent the wheel if something is working? As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Will email marketing be successful in 2022?

It is, indeed. Additionally, email marketing will still be successful. Why? because when used properly, it is a really powerful tool. Providing high-quality content will guarantee that. It will also be ensured if spam emails are not sent. People can be kept informed and involved via the real-time, global transmission of information.

Email advertising is still a good value. It is ranked first above all other marketing channels and has a higher Return on Investment (ROI). For every dollar spent, there is an enormous return of roughly $40. Email is also used by practically everyone.

No matter who your target audience is, there is a good possibility that they have an email account because there are currently 4 billion email users worldwide. Therefore, by choosing the correct audience to target, revenues can be made.

It is common knowledge that emails outperform social media in terms of your chances of making a deal. Ask any other marketer, really. Do you still wonder whether email marketing is useful today?

What Does Email Marketing’s Future Hold?

Email marketing will undoubtedly have a future with the rise in email users. Without a question, the struggle for attention will continue to be crucial. Because of this, quality material should take precedence over quantity. Why subject your audience to a barrage of emails containing pointless information over a short period of time? They would undoubtedly grow bored and leave your mailing list.

Just a polite reminder that they receive other emails as well, so don’t fool yourself into thinking they read every one in their mailbox. Your open rates give you a very good idea of this.

However, if you send out fewer emails but with high-quality content, people are more likely to remember what you have to say and hold a favourable opinion of your company. The snowball effect in this case is that it can make your viewers want more. Wouldn’t you prefer to eagerly anticipate reading something to shuddering at the first sight of it? I for one would.

Future advancements will also include greater automations and totally customised experiences thanks to artificial intelligence. Since AI is capable of carrying out activities automatically and in a manner that resembles human behaviour, this will have a significant influence.

By developing more sophisticated criteria for customer profiles, targeting people will shift from a superficial to an emotional perspective. The communications will then become more tailored going forward, with the emphasis being placed on the specific customer’s content. Additionally, the timing of their delivery will be vital for reaching clients at the appropriate moments.

All of this will result in the blending of data of all kinds, increasing the number of system integrations.

So, Is Email Marketing Still Useful?

Despite the fact that fashions come and go, email marketing appears to be here to stay. According to all indications, email marketing will still be widely used in 2022 and beyond.

The demand for digital communication will increase as the digital world expands. Therefore, if you’ve been considering an alternative to email marketing for your marketing purposes or haven’t yet utilised it to its fullest, now is the moment to put your foot down and keep up with the group before you fall behind.

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